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Things I believe
I believe life is hard but God is good.
I believe the bible is difficult to interpret.
I believe human frailties make the bible difficult to interpret.
I believe the theme from Hawaii five-O is the best theme song ever.
I believe eternal torture is ungodly.
I believe sometimes life is good and God is hard.
I believe God loves me more than I realize.
I believe Jelaluddin Rumi is Shakespeare's equal.
I believe God's greatest truths are paradoxes.
I believe punishment is not the satisfaction of justice.
I believe children are innocent.
I believe it is just to be merciful.
I believe abortion is a horrible tragedy.
I believe atheist, murderers, and child molesters are my brothers.
I believe God is humble.
I believe John Prine is an American treasure.
I believe I am far from God but that God is near to me.
I believe people who believe in eternal hell are my brother and sisters in Christ.
I believe the doctrine of eternal hell has caused untold and needless human misery.
I believe Jesus is the true revelation (unveiling) of the character of God the father.
I believe every time a bell rings an angel gets…( no I don't really believe that )
I believe God suffers with humanity.
I believe God is doing His best for everyone.
I believe God is different from what I was taught in church.
I believe God's commitment to me is far greater than my commitment to Him.
I believe no one will be left behind.
I believe obedience is better than sacrifice.
I believe we cannot know what God has hidden.
I believe that evil is not human but the opposite of human.
I believe that the suffering caused by evil is human.
I believe you cannot doubt without faith.
I believe men would rather receive salvation from God then God their salvation.
I believe God knows me intimately.
I believe that without mercy there can be no justice.
I believe God's Love is inescapable.
I believe justice is not and never can be satisfied by suffering.
I believe we are called to not acquiesce.
I believe God's Love never fails.
I believe the opposite of Love is not hate but indifference.
I believe God's wrath is an expression of His Love.
I believe in the Living God who is the savior of all men, especially of those who believe.
I believe my earthly father was the greatest man I have ever known.
I know I miss you dad and I love you.

As we move on in peace, more fruit will come from good fellowship that does not need the pamper of agreement.

Peace, Louie